A Little Peace Of The Sky

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Have you ever wondered why are nation is the highest medicated in the world? I have been pondering this thought lately being recently medicated again myself for ocd, anxiety, and depression. I’ve been searching through the question of why we as people suffer from these mental conditions more. I have came to the conclusion that we as people are not meant to be contained or follow routine day in and day out. We have food, water, and materials pretty much there for us. We don’t have to search or grow what we need. We live in houses or these contained cubicles and are forced to follow rules and regulations based on what others what for us. We base much of our lives on others. We are divided into different income classes and look down on each other and for what exactly because if we follow we won’t draw attention to ourselves we won’t have to stand against what all is wrong with the world, so we pretend and smile and nod in agreement. Meanwhile why we do this  we slowly lose are passion are love for living and loving and we disconnect and we yearn for that wilderness that place where we can just be us and that’s what our heart truly yearns for. When we can’t reach that desire we medicate or believe in something or something more because we can’t deal with the reality that consumes us. I wish I could escape this but like others it’s a long road and we chose medication rather than destroying ourselves because once you know the truth you can’t go back to being naïve.


Eastern Box Turtle (by ~EYECONIC)

Sunset, Suzhou, China
photo via christy

Moonrise, New Hampshire
photo by larry


Untitled by: Thomas Ulrich