A Little Peace Of The Sky

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"Why do you want to shut out of your life any uneasiness, any misery, any depression, since after all you don’t know what work these conditions are doing inside you? Why do you want to persecute yourself with the question of where all this is coming from and where it is going? Since you know, after all, that you are in the midst of transitions and you wished for nothing so much as to change. If there is anything unhealthy in your reactions, just bear in mind that sickness is the means by which an organism frees itself from what is alien; so one must simply help it to be sick, to have its whole sickness and to break out with it, since that is the way it gets better."

- Rilke, Rainer Maria. Letters to a Young Poet. (via wordsnquotes)

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The Explorer | (by Pisanu Thoyod)

*** She let go. ***She let go. Without a thought or a word, she let go.She let go of the fear.She let go of the judgments.She let go of the confluence of opinions swarming around her head.She let go of the committee of indecision within her.She let go of all the ‘right’ reasons.Wholly and completely, without hesitation or worry, she just let go.She didn’t ask anyone for advice.She didn’t read a book on how to let go.She didn’t search the scriptures.She just let go.She let go of all of the memories that held her back.She let go of all of the anxiety that kept her from moving forward.She let go of the planning and all of the calculations about how to doit just right.She didn’t promise to let go.She didn’t journal about it.She didn’t write the projected date in her Day-Timer.She made no public announcement and put no ad in the paper.She didn’t check the weather report or read her daily horoscope.She just let go.She didn’t analyze whether she should let go.She didn’t call her friends to discuss the matter.She didn’t do a five-step Spiritual Mind Treatment.She didn’t call the prayer line.She didn’t utter one word.She just let go.No one was around when it happened.There was no applause or congratulations.No one thanked her or praised her.No one noticed a thing.Like a leaf falling from a tree, she just let go.There was no effort.There was no struggle.It wasn’t good and it wasn’t bad.It was what it was, and it is just that.In the space of letting go, she let it all be.A small smile came over her face.A light breeze blew through her. And the sun and the moon shoneforevermore…
~Author Unknown

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Blue Shutters, Corsica, France
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Astonishing Landscapes: Nature and City Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument - Arizona - USA (von… via Tumblr


Watch the video of this cat

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The Gateway to Heaven by (Saeed Aman)